What does it mean to "create or be created"?

Are you a maker or a taker? Do you create, or do you consume? Are you an active participant in your creative pursuits or reactive to the whims and feedback of others?

If we don't take ownership of our creativity, if we don't know who we are or what we want, then we are at the mercy of those around us. If we don't define ourselves, we will be defined by others.

But don't worry! This site exists to help you survive your impostor syndrome and boost your creative confidence. I want to see you create more, better, and different work than ever before.

Hi, my name is Jason Theodor, and I've been studying, teaching, managing and creating creativity for the last fifteen years.

if you are human, you are creative

Creativity, like life, isn't always fun and easy. Sometimes it can be a long, uphill grind or a sudden trial by fire. But it never hurts to understand it better, and to have tools at our disposal to not just make the best of it but to make it better. And to give us the courage to put it out there…

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